Zn Anode for Concrete Reinforcement

This anode can be easily fastened to the exposed
reinforcing steel. Once installed, the zinc core
corrodes preferentially to the surrounding rebar,
thereby providing galvanic corrosion prevention
to the adjacent reinforcing steel.

Size: Zn Anode Diameter mm 40
Size: Zn Anode Height mm 20
Size: Reinforce Steel Diameter mm 1.29
Size: Reinforce Steel Length(Out side Anode) mm 200
Weight (Zn) Nett Wt. gms 200
Weight (Steel) Nett Wt. gms 6
Weight (Anode) Gross Wt. gms 206


Technical Details
• Anodes used for fresh weather, backfill & soil applications are
of ASTM B418(Type II)Standard.
• Anodes used for sea weather or sea line applications are of
U.S.-Mil-A-18001K or ASTM B 418(Type I) Standard.
• Reinforce Steel is 16 gauge (1.29mm) galvanized mild steel